LIBOR Litigation Webinar

The alleged LIBOR manipulations may have impacted interest rates used by banks, companies and consumers around the globe. Some have claimed that it could have influenced global economic growth. The alleged activities in the LIBOR litigations include a coordinated manipulation of a set of the most important, widely used interest rates in the world. It is this potentially global impact through a fundamental financial building block that sets the alleged LIBOR manipulations apart from this year’s other risk and regulatory-based banking scandals. It will likely be the source of considerable debate, discussion and litigation, as a broad range of market participants from banking giants, global corporations, and pension funds, to single family mortgage payers and savings account holders assess whether they were damaged and by how much.

Join us to hear more: LIBOR Manipulation And Its Impact On Markets – a three part series

Session 2: How big could the alleged manipulation be? Are there benchmarks to compare to?

Instructor: Dr. Daniel S. Levy:
– National Managing Director of Advanced Analytical Consulting Group
– Former National and Global Director of Economic and Statistical Consulting at both Deloitte
  Financial Advisory and Arthur Andersen’s Business Consulting.

This session will cover the following topics:

  • Is there empirical evidence about how much the alleged manipulation moved LIBOR?
  • Can other benchmarks be used to determine how far LIBORs were moved?
  • Which LIBORs were moved?
  • What currencies were impacted most?
  • What terms (duration) of loans were impacted most?
  • How big are the markets influenced by the alleged manipulations?
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