Pay Equity Webinar: MD-715 Software and Consulting

Advanced Analytical Consulting Group (AACG), and EquiCalc Inc., present the following webinar:

EquityPath MD-715 helps federal agencies follow the EEOC Management Directive 715. EquityPath MD-715 makes construction, analysis, and reporting of employment data faster, more accurate, and clearer through easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, dropdown windows and graphs, for current status and progress over time.  EquityPath MD-715 also uses statistical tests to identify statistically significant barriers and trend analyses. EquityPath MD-715 can also be used on demographic groups not defined in the MD-715 tables. This will allow federal agencies to expand their analysis to employees over 40 and other emerging demographic definitions.

EquityPath MD-715 is cloud-based and can be installed on approved agency cloud networks. Your employee data never leaves your agency and yet is accessible to your MD-715 analysis team through password protected accounts, on encrypted drives, if desired.

MD-715 can read directly from HR databases, including workforce datasets, BLS data for benchmark data and SQL, among other input data forms.

EquityPath Premium is also available to perform standard pay equity analyses used in pay equity studies, providing federal agencies the flexibility to perform the broadest range of statistical testing with advanced artificial intelligence, effective graphics to identify compensation disparities across demographic groups and for identification of individual outliers.

MD-715 Barrier Software – Fast, Effective, Efficient

  • Automatically Constructs MD-715 tables
  • Identifies all Barriers on the MD-715 plus others, if desired
  • Identifies statistically significant Barriers
  • Provides tables and graphics for analysis and report

  • Tracks progress over time
  • Installed on agency internal Cloud
  • Consulting support from PhDs / testifying experts in labor economics
Presenter: Daniel S. Levy, PhD

Dr. Daniel S. Levy, National Managing Director of Advanced Analytical Consulting Group and President of EquiCalc, assists attorneys with economic, statistical and computing analyses in discrimination and other labor-related cases. In various areas of litigation, he has served as an expert witness for plaintiffs and defendants, including private companies, the Department of Labor, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, and the Internal Revenue Service and has presented his research to the FBI, US Postal Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, and New York State Attorney General’s Office.

Prior to founding Advanced Analytical Consulting Group and EquiCalc, Dr. Levy was the National Managing Principal of Economic and Statistical Consulting for Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP. He also served as the Global Director of Economic Consulting for Arthur Andersen’s Value Solutions practice. He has also held research and consulting positions at Charles River Associates, The RAND Corporation, Needham, Harper Worldwide Advertising, SPSS Inc. and The University of Chicago Computation Center. Dr. Levy received a PhD and an AB with Special Honors in Economics from The University of Chicago.

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