Steve Pomerantz, PhD


Steve Pomerantz provides economic and investment management consulting as well as litigation support on cases involving mutual funds, defined contribution and defined benefit plans, through analyses of investment management fees and practices; investment-related damages; investment performance and due diligence.

Dr. Pomerantz has been qualified as an expert witness in numerous securities-related matters in various jurisdictions, providing litigation support to accountants and attorneys. His experience in litigation has been in cases involving trust management, investment suitability, derivative valuation, investment strategy analysis, economic damages, tax shelters, mutual funds and investment industry practice.

Steve Pomerantz holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley and has twenty-five years of experience in investment research, financial modeling, derivative structuring, statistics, portfolio and risk management.

He is often called upon to use sophisticated mathematical techniques to develop models for valuation, damages and suitability analysis. Dr. Pomerantz is well versed in applications of operations research, statistics, probability and time-series analysis to provide solutions within a variety of assignments

Prior to consulting, he was the Director of Quantitative Research at Weiss, Peck & Greer LLC.  In addition, he has worked at numerous financial institutions including Citicorp, Nomura Securities, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America. Amongst his consulting clients include numerous traditional asset managers, hedge fund managers, fund-of-funds and corporations.

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For more information about Mr. Pomerantz, please email Judith LeFevre-Levy or call 617.338.2224.