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AACG Calculates Damages in Historic Google Location Tracking Case

AACG’s National Managing Director, Dr. Daniel S. Levy, served as damages expert in Arizona’s historic $85 million settlement with Google LLC for deceptively obtaining users’ location data to make billions of dollars in profit. Arizona’s Attorney General described the settled damages as “one of the biggest consumer fraud lawsuits in Arizona history, and the settlement […]

No-Poaching Clauses at Franchises Do Not Reduce Wages

AACG research provides the first empirical analysis of the effect of no-poaching clauses in franchises on employee wages. Results show that no-poaching clauses do not reduce wages, and have little effect on the control of jobs by employers due to the large number of alternative jobs available to employees at other franchise branded restaurants, other […]

Don’t Let Your California Wage Report Turn into Your Next Discrimination Litigation

Based on the California Senate Bill SB-973, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) requires private employers in California with over 99 employees nationwide to file wage data, similar to the EEO-1 Component 2, by March 31, 2021. California’s DFEH will keep your data for years with the intent of testing for pay […]

AACG’s CPI Antitrust Chronicle Article Evaluates Proposals to Increase Regulation of High-Tech Companies

Competition Policy International’s Antitrust Chronicle recently published AACG Principal Timothy J. Tardiff’s article, Ex Ante Regulation of Digital Platforms?: Cautionary Tales from Telecommunications. The article observes that some proposals for increased economic regulation are similar to measures implemented during the United States telecommunication industry’s transition from predominantly a regulated landline monopoly providing traditional voice telephone services to one […]

AACG Quoted in CIO Magazine on Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Magazine recently published an article titled, De-risking Corporate Pension Plans Is Getting Tougher. This article discusses recent years’ progress toward fully funded portfolios, the trend toward de-risking pension assets, and the impact that today’s current market volatility may have on this recent advancement. AACG Principal, Dr. Constantijn (Stan) Panis, commented on […]

AACG Publishes in CPI Antitrust Chronicle about No-Poaching Clauses

Competition Policy International’s Antitrust Chronicle recently published AACG’s article, Measurement of Market Concentration Faced by Labor Pools: Theory and Evidence from Fast Food Chains in Rhode Island with No-Poaching Clauses. AACG’s paper shows that the only empirical “evidence” for the widely-claimed anti-competitive effects of franchise no-poaching clauses was simply a calculation error by two Princeton […]

AACG Partners with EquiCalc

AACG has teamed with EquiCalc to provide advanced economic, statistical, programing, and consulting services in combination with the EquiCalc software to help companies respond to the increased pay equity reporting forms from the Department of Labor. EquiCalc offers two software platforms, EquityTest and EquityPath, to address the need for pay analysis, and data processing, before […]

Antitrust- Labor

AACG submitted a letter to the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, detailing the lack of accurate empirical evidence in the economic research  about no-poaching agreements cited to date by state Attorneys General, litigants, legislators, and the press. Read More: AACG Letter to the DoJ

AACG Published on Challenges of EEOC Data Rules

Advanced Analytical Consulting Group’s (“AACG”) Senior Economist Dr. Audrius Girnius’ article has been published in Employment Law 360. On March 4, 2019, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia reinstated regulations requiring employers to provide new and more expansive data on salaries and hours worked for its workforce. However the type of data […]

AACG Paper Shows Widely-Cited Research about No-Poaching Clauses is Wrong

A recent paper by Advanced Analytical Consulting Group, Inc. (“AACG”) shows that the economic research behind the call to eliminate no-poaching agreements is wrong.  The AACG paper, Measurement of Market Concentration Faced by Labor Pools: Theory and Evidence from Fast Food Chains in Rhode Island with No-Poaching Clauses, demonstrates inaccuracies in assumptions and results in […]