Session 3: Sampling Within the Lines: Court Rulings in Wage and Hour Cases about the Use of Samples and Statistics

Courts have modified their acceptance of statistical tests in labor cases in ways that are not obvious. The precise statistical standard you face in court will make a difference in how you and your expert present your case. This presentation will detail some important court rulings that alter statistical requirements in labor cases, how those adjustments evolved through the process of court rulings and what they mean for how you should argue your case depending on which statistical standards you believe should apply in your case. Issues to be discussed include:

  • Discussion of some important cases determining statistical and sampling standards
  • The statistical standards established by courts in labor cases
  • How the courts’ statistical standards have evolved and which may apply to your case
  • What differences these statistical standards make as a practical matter

Join AACG’s Dr. Daniel S. Levy and Dr. Audrius Girnius to learn more about what statistical tests you will face, how you can choose which statistical standards are right for your case and how to support the use of those tests based on cases and rulings.

About the Presenters:

Dr. Daniel S. Levy, National Managing Director, assists attorneys with economic, statistical and computing analyses in discrimination and other labor-related cases. In various areas of litigation, he has served as an expert witness for plaintiffs and defendants, including private companies, the Department of Labor, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, and the Internal Revenue Service and has presented his research to the FBI, US Postal Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, and New York State Attorney General’s Office.

Prior to founding Advanced Analytical Consulting Group, Dr. Levy was the National Managing Principal of Economic and Statistical Consulting for Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP. He also served as the Global Director of Economic Consulting for Arthur Andersen’s Value Solutions practice. He has also held research and consulting positions at Charles River Associates, The RAND Corporation, Needham, Harper Worldwide Advertising, SPSS Inc. and The University of Chicago Computation Center. Dr. Levy received a PhD and an AB with Special Honors in Economics from The University of Chicago.

Dr. Audrius Girnius, Senior Economist, has assisted employers with proactive pay studies and supported experts on a variety of Labor and Employment discrimination matters.  Prior to joining Advanced Analytical Consulting Group, Dr. Girnius was a Senior Manager / Director at Grant Thornton and Huron Consulting Group. He earned a PhD in Economics from The University of Chicago and has refereed for the Journal of Political Economy. He also has presented at the National Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Conference.

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