After four years in the courts, the LIBOR litigation may now be poised to address many market/economic issues of the antitrust claim.

  • How much market power did LIBOR panel banks have?
  • How long could a collusive agreement influence the LIBOR market?
  • Which LIBOR denominated contract holders were damaged?
  • On how many days were plaintiffs hurt or helped?
  • What has four more years of economic research shown about LIBOR  manipulation?

This four part series will begin with the market microstructure of LIBOR setting and how many collusive banks would be needed to move LIBOR certain magnitudes. It will continue  to  market models of contracts and how some common features of contract impact who was damaged. And it will continue through a review of the existing research about LIBOR manipulation, including those that have been performed in the last four years.

Join us to hear more: LIBOR Manipulation and Its Impact On Markets – a four part series:

Session 2: How big could the alleged manipulation be? Are there benchmarks to compare to?


Dr. Daniel S. Levy: National Managing Director of Advanced Analytical Consulting Group, Former National and Global Director or Economic and Statistical Consulting at both Deloitte Financial Advisory and Arthur Andersen’s Business Consulting.

Dr. Timothy Weithers: Former Managing Director, UBS and Executive Director, Chicago Trading Company

This session will cover the following topics:

  • What have the recent studies of LIBOR manipulation found?
  • For what dates do the studies agree that LIBOR was manipulated?
  • Is there empirical evidence about how much the alleged manipulation moved LIBOR?
  • Can other benchmarks be used to determine how far LIBORs were moved?
  • How big are the markets influenced by the alleged manipulations?
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