Judith LeFevre-Levy, PhD


P: 617 338 2224
E: JudyLeFevre-Levy@AACG.com

Dr. Judith LeFevre-Levy specializes in development and aging topics; she has researched environmental and biological predictors of aging and used experience sampling technology to study work experience, mood, and cognitive and social human behavior as they occur in daily life. She has conducted clinical research on Alzheimer’s disease and clinical work with adolescent and geriatric populations.

Dr. LeFevre-Levy comes to Advanced Analytical having served on the faculty of the University of Southern California, where she was assistant professor of psychology and gerontology. She has also held co-director, co-leader, and clinical trainee positions for programs, projects, and facilities at The University of Chicago.

Dr. LeFevre-Levy has published and made presentations on development and aging and received academic and professional awards. She received a Ph.D. and an M.A. with honors in human development from The University of Chicago and a B.A. in psychology from New College, the University of Florida’s honors division.