Economists at Advanced Analytical Consulting Group (AACG) have over 30 years of experience analyzing complex labor and employment issues in various industries, including fast food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and retail. Economists at AACG have assisted companies and counsel to address wage and hour class action suits and Title VII and ADEA claims of discrimination. We have produced objective, scientific estimates of lost earnings, as well as provided liability arguments, in single plaintiff, multi-plaintiff, and class action litigations. AACG economists have assisted clients with their responses to OFCCP investigations and have conducted proactive pay equity studies. We have also used our statistical expertise to help companies carry out studies to ensure that a proposed reduction-in-force does not adversely impact protected class members. Adept in using advanced analytical methods and working with large, complex data sets, our experts have provided rigorous, scientific analyses of challenging problems for both plaintiffs and defendants. Our ability to communicate complicated results clearly and concisely has helped our clients in court and in negotiations with regulatory agencies, where we have provided expert reports and served as expert witnesses.

AACG economists have experience in the following labor and employment topics:

  • Large scale personal injury
  • Compensation dispute damages
  • Age, race, and gender discrimination matters arising from Title VII and ADEA claims
  • Hiring practices
  • Compensation structure
  • Wage and hour damages
    • Statistical sampling
    • Survey design and implementation
    • Data coding, processing and analysis
    • Regression and statistical modeling

To learn more, contact our labor & discrimination team using the links to the right, or email us at

Daniel S. Levy, PhD
National Managing Director
617 901 6344
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Stan Panis, PhD
213 784 6400
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Audrius Girnius, PhD
Senior Economist
312 953 8243
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Prof. Dennis J. Aigner
Academic Affiliate
617 338 2224

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