AACG Analysis Shows Growth in Broadband Competition not Revealed by FCC Metrics

AACG presents new findings about the extent of broadband service across the United States. Data analyses presented by FCC Chairman Wheeler in support of the 2015 Open Internet Order relied on measures inconsistent with the FCC’s previous measures of broadband availability. As a result measures presented in support of the 2015 Open Internet Order were incapable of revealing the extent of growth in internet provider availability. In AACG’s new report titled “Consistent Measurement of Broadband Availability,” AACG economists use the FCC’s broadband data to demonstrate that there has been substantial growth in the number of broadband providers over time when consistent measures of internet provider availability are analyzed from 2009 to 2015.  The report, the first in a series, can be found at https://www.aacg.com/net-neutrality/.

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